The Children from Petriček Hill

Tuesday, March 11th 2008 at 18h00
L’Entrepôt Paris


The Children from Petriček Hill (Otroci s Petričeka)

(Documentary, Slovenia, 2007, 95’, Black and white, OVEST)


Directed by: Miran Zupanič
Produced by: Arsmedia (Ljubljana)


The Children from Petricek Hill talks about children’s destinies. About the children who were imprisoned together with their parents in the war camp Teharje at Celje.
In June 1945 the children were separated from their parents and taken to a children camp, Petricek; their parents were killed without having been tried at a court and buried at unknown places. The children were submitted to a severe re-education, forced into abandoning their true identity and into assuming a new one. They lost their parents and their childhood, and they were inflicted wounds so deep that have not healed up to today.