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Sunday, March 16th 2008 at 11h00
Théâtre Moulin d’Andé


Narrow is the Gate

(Documentary, Great Britain, 2002, 60’, Color, OVFST)


Directed by: Kersti Uibo
Produced by: Trinity Films (London)


Synopsis :
This is the story of an old nun from Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Convent in Kosovo, who shares with the viewers her life experience in a region dominated by ethnic conflict. Her narratives integrate a present problem, the conflict between Serbs and Albanians, into the more general development of Kosovo during the XX century, from the point of view of an "eye-witness". The character offers a direct contact with the hardships of the Serbs in Kosovo, but she’s also a perfect human sample of the ethnic prejudice and discriminatory thinking that lies at the root of the tensions in Kosovo.

“Nun Teodora is trying to find a balance, with a tear or with a joke, as she tries to fight her anger and hostility towards the Albanians, while her religious creeds and commitment invite her to love them. The convent has become such a dangerous place that UN soldiers have to protect it. The camera follows her in a place that has become one of the most absurd in the world. She is a stubborn woman and not a nice person to begin with. Yet the camera insists on her, cajoling her in a way, so that the viewer finally becomes convinced she is worthy of sympathy.
When raising funds to shoot this film Kerstin Uibo was told that nobody was interested in nuns in Kosovo. Yet, thanks to this film we are offered a unique point of view on the stupidity of politics. Whoever cares for what it means to be human will be rewarded by this portrait.”

Tue Steen Müller