Saturday, March 15th 2008 at 20h30
UGC Ciné Cité Rouen


Mermaid (Rusalka)

(Feature film, Russia, 2007, 115’, Color, OVFST)


Directed by: Anna Melykian
With: Mariya Shalayeva, Yevgeni Tsyganov, Marya Sokova, Anastasiya Dontsova, Veronika Skugina…
Produced by: Central Partnership (Moscow)


The fanciful tale of an introverted little girl who grows up believing she has the power to make wishes come true. She must reconcile this belief with reality when, as a young woman, she journeys to Moscow and grapples with love, modernity and materialism.

"Mermaid does what every great fairy tale should do: transport its audience to another place. As Alisa journeys from the run-down seaside community of her childhood to Moscow, every frame seems to pulsate with relentless visual inventiveness and a mischievous comic tone. "Humor is my main instrument," Melikyan says. "I think that to understand a subject completely, you should find something funny about it."
Matthew Ross