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« Europe around Europe » Paris-Normandy film festival 2008

To select films we chose excellence as the unique criterion, and not a geographic, economic or polical origin.

We are commited to showing international masterpieces which were often forgotten in spite of their outstanding creativity, quality and independence, along with world-famous auteur films.

So you will see films by Huston, , Antonioni, Petrovic, Kusturica, Sokourov, Varda…as well as Balabanov, Godina, Hladnik, Mitevska, Pevec…

In keeping with a long and prestigious tradition, France knows how to acknowledge and appreciate cultural singularity different from its.

Giving and receiving, this is the permanent exchange with which it contributes powerfully to the necessary building of a new European cultural identity truly common to all its members.

We hope you enjoy the films.