Farewell until the next War

Tuesday, March 11th 2008 at 19h50
L’Entrepôt Paris


Farewell untill the next War (Nasvidenje v naslednji vojni)

(Feature film, Yugoslavia, 1980, 118’, Color, OVEST)


Directed by: Zivojin Pavlovic
With: Metod Pevec, Milan Puzic, Boris Juh
Produced by: Viba Film (Ljubljana)


During a corrida in Spain two former enemies meet again on the spot of a ritual death : an ex Slovenian underground soldier and a German who was fighting in a unit occupying Yugoslavia. Thus a wound is reopened in the midst of a touristic Spain, a wound never healed, the wound of war. In their own subjective and disillusioned way, both men call up this not so distant past.

“Zivojin Pavlovic's tireless and multifarious talent was the only one to survive entirelely until the new era, in which he shot' Manhunt'(1977) and 'Farewell untill the next war' (1980)a moving mockheroic tale set in post-war years: the film, based on a novel by the Slovenian writer Vitomil Zupan, has a relentless grotesque tone.”

Mira and Antonin Liehm in Les Cinémas de l’Est de 1945 à nos jours