Sunday, March 9th 2008 at 19h50
L’Entrepôt Paris


Estrellita (Pesem za domov)

(Feature film, Slovenia, 2007, 97’, Color, OVEST)


Directed by: Metod Pevec
With: Silva Cusin, Marko Kovacevik, Senad Basic, Tadej Troha…
Produced by : Emotionfilm (Ljubljana)


Estrellita is a contemporary story about an old violin, which triggers a violent conflict among the protagonists, reaching to extremes of love, music and greed.

"For quite a while, I flirted with the title Feeling Blue Tonight - somehow it seemed more fitting. Yet sadness is believed to be commercially unattractive, no matter how much I doubt it. On many festive occasions, I’ve witnessed that people at the peak of the party long to sing or to listen to those beautiful but very sad songs. This film story develops within a classic triangle of love, sadness and music. Basically, there’s something tragic in all great love stories, and beautiful sad songs describe them best, we all know that – but why do we find so much pleasure in this sadness? I was not interested in the pathetic and almost vulgar sadness, but in that rare, cultivated sadness, that inexplicable marvelous feeling that refines people and gives them a special glow.”
Metod Pevec