Artificial Paradise

Tuesday, March 11th at 13h50 and 19h50
L'Entrepôt Paris


Artificial paradise (Umetni raj)

(Feature film, Yugoslavia, 1990, 103’, Color, OVEST)


Directed by: Karpo Acimovic Godina
With: Jürgen Morche, Vlado Novak, Dragana Mrkic, Zeljko Ivanek, Marusa Oblak, Gudrun Gabriel…
Produced by :


Los Angeles 1935. Fritz Lang is remembering the few months he spent as an officer behind the front lines in a Slovenian village. There he became close to Gatnik , a lawyer but once a film-director and at the same time he discovered, thanks to him, the art his whole life was to be devoted to. His very presence disturbed the artificial quietness of the middle-class circle and led to amusing as well as tragic consequences.

"In Oberhausen festival we were given the privilege of discovering a surprising work by Zelimir Zilnik and Karpo Godina. Both from ex-Jugoslavia (one is a Serb, the other a Slovenian) they developed a filmography which amazingly combines all the avant-garde trends which ran through cinema from the sixties up to present day, while not hesitating to address social, historical and political issues. Their films are relevant and impertinent, serious and spirited, as well as elliptical."
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