Sous le ciel yougoslave / Под југословенским небом

Под југословенским небом

Documentaire, Yougoslavie, 1934, 84’, NB, VOSTF

by Miodrag Djordjevic

Originally made as a promotional travelogue to show the varied and sumptuous landscapes of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, this film from the period between the two world wars goes beyond straightforward documentary. Bearing the unmistakable mark of one of Yugoslavia’s most prolific and accomplished filmmakers, Under the Yugoslavian Sky is a tapestry of the multiple cultural traditions of the various regions. The full measure of contrasting temperaments and styles–mountainous and Mediterranean, urban and rural, western and eastern-influenced, comes through in the panoramic views as much as in the candid glimpses of the daily lives of its people as well as events like the rally of the ‘Sokols’” sporting association (125 years old this year).

Today, the film takes on a nostalgic overlay in its optimistic promotion of pan-Slavism and the young Yugoslav nation. It also contains the only sound film segment of King Alexander of Yugoslavia. A treasure of the Yugoslav national Cinematheque whose historical value is matched by its poignancy.