Fiction, Slovakia, 1969, 95 mn, b/w, O/FS

by Dušan Hanák
with Václav Lohniský, Lucyna Winnická, Josef Abrhám

Lauko is on permanent sick leave from his job as a cook. He spends his new leisure time walking around his village reliving “unfinished stories written by life and time… a vision that reveals the world’s beauty, its strange, almost bizarre harmony, intertwined with ordinary street life. This complex and somber story is shot without dialogue, the pauses speak in its place…”
Lidova Demokracie, December 1970

“Despite the authenticity of many phenomena captured by the filmmaker and their documentary-like appearance, his aim was not to produce an objective inventory , but to zero in on the substance and causes of illness that affect individuals and societies.”
Andéj Obuch, Dialog July 1989